Still Waiting for Baby?

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Mothers often carry a lot of anxiety with them during the days leading up to and the hours after going into labor. Just like massage provides a great release for the physical stresses of pregnancy, an outlet exists for helping release the emotional tension that comes in those moments just before and during labor.  The power of communication, of verbalizing your thoughts, fears, and concerns is an incredible way to relieve stress for mothers that are having concerns about being past their estimated due date or that are experiencing a stall in their labor.

Of course, part of talking about what weighs on you is having someone to talk to, someone that allows you to really fell like you’re being heard.  Sometimes your partner is that person, other times it can be your doula or midwife or doctor.  Personally, I have experienced it from both sides and really understand the importance of having someone that you can communicate with:

Holding in thoughts ~ Holding in baby.

Imagine that you have a fear of spiders (like me, this may not be such a stretch for some of you). During the day, you see a large spider crawling on your bed.  But as you turn to look for something to smack it away with, the spider hides and you’re left trying to forget the incident and to hold it inside.  But as you get into bed that night, will you have the fortitude to relax and sleep well throughout the night?  Or will you be thinking of that spider and where it may have run off to?

Just as the spider may delay you from getting a good night’s rest, holding in your fears and concerns about childbirth can delay that first moment where you hold your sweet baby in your arms.  But you don’t have to let this happen to you.  I strongly encourage each of you to set aside time with your favorite listener to let go and talk about what you’re feeling.  And take some time to listen to them as well, as a friend or birth partner can offer different and valuable perspectives on the flood of emotions that you’re experiencing.

Additionally, I recommend booking a Labor Preparation Massage at MPR.  Our sessions offer time for mothers to talk about what they’re going though, and I often spend a good amount of time not just helping mothers to relax their bodies but to also help provide a calming comfort for their minds.

As Halloween passes and we enter the season of harvest festivals and bounties, take some time to clean out the webs and get rid of the spider.  It takes courage to voice your feelings, but the peace of mind and benefit to labor is certainly worth it.

– Rebecca