Handling the Physical Demands of Pregnancy

When I first discovered that I was pregnant, I was overwhelmed with a mental and emotional whirlwind of excitement, anxiety, nervousness, and happiness that completely enveloped me for days. What I realize now is also how quickly it also affected my physical being.  I was instantly protective of my unborn child and, as such, I was suddenly more aware of changes that I knew that I had to make to my lifestyle.  The days of drinking a pot of coffee during the work day and the nights of coming home to a glass of wine quickly became moments of my past (and to a lesser extent my somewhat distant future). I collected and read books on a healthy diet during pregnancy like an alchemist searching for the secret of the philosopher stone, and within weeks my eating habits and cuisine had changed. Other mothers that I’ve met have discovered strength they never imagined was in them, often quitting smoking with ease.  Ultimately, pregnancy is the perfect opportunity to examine the way you care for your body and the health of yourself and the beautiful child growing within you.

As an expecting mother your body’s strength and health will be tested over the next 40 weeks.  You can be sure that your body will be quick to let you know if and when you overuse a muscle group, if a part of you is in need of strengthening, or if everyday stress goes unmanaged.  With all of the constant motion and the seemingly never-ending comings and goings in our busy lives, we can easily forget to listen to (or even how to listen to) our bodies.  But now more than ever you will have a growing reminder to do just that, to feel what your body is telling you and to take the time to focus on understanding its message.

Massage is a wonderful way to address the needs of your mind and body and to really focus on your specific needs.  I often hear from clients that they didn’t realize how much tension they were holding in certain areas until after the muscle tissue was manipulated.  At Magnolia Pregnancy Resources, we incorporate gentle stretching in our sessions to help relieve tension and relax both your mind and body.  For many mothers this is their first experience with stretching and working on certain muscle groups, and it provides them with an eye-opening experience into just how much their body needs some relief from daily stress and the demands of pregnancy.  For others, especially mothers that already have children at home, massage provides an opportunity to relax and focus on themselves for a moment out of their busy lives.

Our goal at MPR is to directly improve your physical well-being, knowing that a healthy body leads to a healthy attitude, outlook, and pregnancy.  I encourage you to schedule your first massage therapy session early in your pregnancy so that you are able to evaluate the specific needs of your body and to help you relax, heal, and build strength in preparation for the physical and emotional demands of your childbearing year.

Rebecca Oakley, LMT
Owner, Magnolia Pregnancy Resources