Postpartum Massage

Atlanta Postpartum Massage - Atlanta Pregnancy Massage

All new mothers need to recuperate from childbirth as their body changes, and Postpartum Massage is a wonderful way to address these changes and ease into motherhood.  Childbirth puts your entire body under a great deal of stress. Postpartum massage gives you nurturing and emotional support to help you gain back your lost energy, and it helps the body return to its condition before pregnancy.

We encourage mothers to schedule weekly sessions during the first 12 weeks postpartum.  During these sessions, our therapists focus on relieving muscle tension, enhancing structural realignment, and correcting postural distortions that may have occurred during pregnancy.

At Magnolia Pregnancy Resources we understand that bringing your baby eliminates the need for childcare and can make you feel less anxious about leaving your newborn.  As such, we encourage you to bring your newborn with you to your postpartum visits and many of our clients take the opportunity to nurse their infants while receiving massage in a side lying position.  Postpartum massage at MPR is a great way to enhance your bonding experience and attachment to your baby.

Benefits of Postpartum Massage

  • Atlanta Postpartum Massage - Atlanta Pregnancy MassageRelieves tension from the birthing process
  • Releases shoulder, neck, and arm tension from the care and feeding of your newborn
  • Helps with weight loss by restoring vital energy and providing tone to your muscles
  • Supports and enhances structural realignment of the pelvis and ribs
  • Alleviates muscle tension, fatigue, stress, and headaches
  • Aids in the process of the uterus and abdominal muscles returning to their normal size
  • Provides relaxation and emotional support in a time where the body’s hormones are returning to normal level

One Hour $80

90 minutes $115

Three (3) – One Hour Wellness Massages
(12% Discount, Save $30) ………………………………….$210.00

Six (6) – One Hour Wellness Massages
(Buy 5 Get 1 Free!) ……………………………………………$400.00